The Journey of The Strangers – Book Review 3

“Islam began as something strange, and it will return to being something strange just as it began, so tuba (a tree in Paradise) for the strangers!”

This beautiful hadith sparks a ray of hope for many of us, who are striving to stick to the true path at a time when temptations and deviations surround us from all sides. We are living in a time of Fitna, a time when falsehood rules over the truth, when Muslims are labeled as terrorists, mujahidin are blasphemed and defamed, and the noble character of our beloved Prophet (S) is attacked. Amidst all the accusations and propaganda, the Muslim feels alienated and strange, among Muslims and Non-Muslims alike. His views oppose the majority; his actions are frowned upon in society; his principles considered backward and ‘stone-aged’.  He doesn’t follow the trend, nor is he a trend-setter; he doesn’t go with the flow, nor does the flow suit him. He’s strange in all aspects of society.  It is at times as this that the Muslim needs a source of comfort and inspiration to hold on to his religion- a mission as challenging as holding hot red coals.