On the limelessness of lemons and the lemonlessness of limes

When you accept the brokenness of peopleimg_20161017_173759

And you accept that we all come from a deep place of isolation and the need for self-fulfilment

You don’t know when they were on the brink, a fine line, you don’t know when they were on the precipice and that one look, that one word pushed them into the abyss and it broke something irreparable


When you accept that you don’t have to be perfect, and neither does anyone else

You don’t even have to try if you don’t want to, if it hurts to be

And what’s perfect anyway?

To be as lemon as a lemon

Or as lime as a lime

But what if the lemon cannot be lime

And the lime cannot be lemon

That’s it, what if they just can’t? What if they really want to, just to please you, but they just can’t?

And they’re both perfectly fine with being made into sweet lemonade and they twirl and intertwine and they love being what they are

It’s what makes your taste buds tingle and you don’t even KNOW


-Umm Saifullah 


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