The Believer’s Prison

Don’t you get it?

Put a foot on it and don’t let it stir. Block out the sound of its whimpering and don’t give in. Let it die. Let it suffocate. Let it wither away into nothingness.

Clench your teeth. Breathe in. Hold it. Breathe out. Let the hot tears evaporate on your fiery cheeks and don’t wipe them away.

Hold your head high. Don’t look back. You were born alone, you live alone, and you shall die alone. Alone they will lower you into your grave and alone you shall answer your Lord. Alone.

Swallow the pill and relish its bitter sweetness. Don’t forget. Don’t be deceived by the fleeting moments. Do not dwell.

“Paradise is surrounded by hardships and undesirable difficulties.” Be a stranger in this strange hole.


لا ترفع رأسك من السجود و في قلبك شيء

Beg, nag, complain, cry, wail to Him.

And when you find relief,

Remember this.

– Umm Saifullah 


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