Reflections from Surah Hud: Ayah 96-102


1- The Story of Musa and Fir`awn 

2- The Lesson taken from the Destroyed Towns    

3- The Destruction of the Towns is a Proof of the Establishment of the Hour

Quran, Surah Hud, Ayat 96And indeed We sent Musa (Moses) with Our Ayat (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.) and a manifest authority;

Quran, Surah Hud, Ayat 97

To Fir’aun and his chiefs, but they followed the command of Fir’aun, and the command of Fir’aun was no right guide.

Musa ‘alayhissalam’s story is not mentioned much in this Surah.

Allah informs us of Musa ‘alayhissalam being sent to Bani Israel with clear proofs and signs, but they followed the ways of Fir’awn, of corruption, ignorance, tyranny, disbelief and misguidance, and this was not a path set right. They followed him, but he lead them to their destruction and they drowned. 



Quran, Surah Hud, Ayat 98

He will go ahead of his people on the Day of Resurrection, and will lead them into the Fire, and evil indeed is the place to which they are led.

Likewise, they will follow him as their leader on the Day of Judgement, and again he will lead them to their destruction in Jahannam. The word “warada” is used mainly for water, but its used here for fire, and that makes a connection between the water they drowned in and the fire that they will be punished in.

Quran, Surah Hud, Ayat 99

They were pursued by a curse in this (deceiving life of this world) and (so they will be pursued by a curse) on the Day of Resurrection. How bad is the curse (in this world) pursued by another curse (in the Hereafter).

Curse upon curse for the people of Fir’awn; in the Dunya and the Akhirah. They are far removed from Allah’s mercy. The word “rifd” means a charitable gift, and “marfood” means the helpless one who receives this gift. Allah is mocking these helpless people here, because they deserve nothing but the worst, indicating the severity of the punishment they will suffer.

Quran, Surah Hud, Ayat 100

These are some of the news of the (population of) towns which We relate unto you of them, some are standing, and some have been (already) reaped.

These stories are not meant to be mere historical accounts for people to narrate, rather, they are true accounts of ancient struggles that were meant for the Messenger of Allah sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam to be comforted by. These messengers went through the same difficulties that he went through, and Allah is reminding him that victory is for those who are on guidance. Then it says, “some are standing”, referring to Quraysh, and “some have already been reaped”, referring to the old populations that were destroyed and literally plucked off the earth the way produce and crops are plucked off during harvest.

Quran, Surah Hud, Ayat 101

We wronged them not, but they wronged themselves. So their aliha (gods), other than Allah, whom they invoked, profited them naught when there came the Command of your Lord, nor did they add aught (to their lot) but destruction.

Their rebellion, their misguidance, their belying of the messenger was an injustice against themselves. They were not punished until after the reminders, the proofs and the warnings came. In fact, after the proofs, they INCREASED in arrogance and defiance. They chose this for themselves, and they asked for the punishments. Their false gods did not answer them when the rain fell, when the earth shook, when the wind howled and when the stones fell. 

Quran, Surah Hud, Ayat 102

. Such is the Seizure of your Lord when He seizes the (population of) towns while they are doing wrong. Verily, His Seizure is painful, and severe.

«إِنَّ اللهَ لَيُمْلِي لِلظَّالِمِ حَتَّى إِذَا أَخَذَهُ لَمْ يُفْلِتْه»

Verily, Allah gives respite to a wrongdoer until He seizes him and he cannot escape. (Sahih Bukhari)

-The Sahara Bloggers (Umm Saifullah)


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