Ramadan Reflections: Day 10


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أغرى امرؤ غلاما جاهلا
بنقوده كيما ينال به الوطر
قال ائتني بفؤاد أمك يا فتى
و لك الجواهر و الدراهم والدرر
فمضى و أغرز خنجرا في صدرها
و القلب أخرجه و عاد على الأثر
لكنه من فرط سرعته هوى
فتدحرج القلب الجريح إذ عثر
ناداه قلب الأم وهو معفر
و لدي الحبيب هل أصابك من الضرر
فـكـأن ذاك الـصــوت رغـــم حـنــوه
غضب السماء به على الولد انهمر
و امتد نحو القلب يغسله بما
فاضت به عيناه من سيل العبر
و يقول يا قلب أنتقم في و لا
تغفر فإن جريمتي لا تغتفر
و استل خنجره ليطعن نفسه
حقا و يبقى عبرة لمن اعتبر
ناداه قلب الأم ولدي ولا
تذبح فؤادي مرتين على الأثر

One day a man tempted an ignorant youth

With his money, so that he may take from him his need

He said, “Bring me the heart of your mother,

And for you will be jewels and Dirhams and pearls

He went and stabbed a dagger into her chest

And the heart came out and he went on his way

But because of his haste he fell down

And the broken heart rolled as it slipped

The mother’s heart called out to him, covered in dust

“My son, my love, are you hurt?”

It was as though this voice despite its sweetness

Caused the wrath of the heavens to rain down on him

He turned towards the heart and washed it with what

no one except him could bring to her from all of mankind

He took the dagger to stab himself with a stabbing

that would be a reminder for those who are mindful

He said, “Oh heart, take revenge from me and don’t

forgive me because my crime is not one to be forgiven.”

The mother’s heart cried out to him,

“Hold back, and don’t

stab me again, repetitively.”

– The Sahara Bloggers (Umm Saifullah)

-The poem is written by Ibrahim Al Mundhir, translated by me 

Dedicated to Mom, شفاها الله 


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