Gateway to Heaven

Shaykh Nasir Al-Umar writes in his book, “Buyoot Mutma’innah” about a young girl and her devotion to her mother.

He states that he vividly remembers what happend when the mother had grown old and the girl had matured and started receiving many marriage proposals. She was a serious and respectful young woman and was interested in Islamic civilization. She was extremely religious and measured everything against the yardstick of her faith.

She had only one condition for a suitor, that he agree to let her live with and serve her mother after marriage. She soon soon received a proposal from a young man who agreed to this condition and the marriage then took place.

In keeping with the agreement, she stayed at her mother’s house and did not go to live with her in-laws. She devoted herself to her mother. Many envied the mother for having been blessed with such a dutiful and faithful daughter. This situation continued for some time until her mother died.

The young woman was grief-stricken at the loss of her mother. When someone asked her why she was so sad, she replied:

“How can I bring back my mother now? Who can I call mother and serve? Paradise lies under a mother’s feet. Now the gateway to Heaven has been closed to me forever.”

The young woman thought it was a major blessing to have a mother to care for. She felt this was a guarantee for success in the Hereafter. She never thought that her old mother was dependent on her, but rather that she needed her mother.

Her mother was certainly pleased with her at the time of her death. If parents are pleased with their children at the time of death, their success is guaranteed both in this world and the next world.

The young woman then had two sons who grew up into pious and virtuous people. This was a reward from Allah for serving her mother so devotedly.



1- Loving Our Parents, By Abdul Malik Mujaahid (Darus Salaam Publication)

-The Sahara Bloggers (Umm Saifullah)


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