Loving Our Parents – Book Review 2

Loving our parents Cover       

   Title: Loving Our Parents: Stories of Duties & Obligations Author: Abdul Malik Mujahid, Published by Darussalam Pages: 299

Loving Our Parents is an enjoyable collection of stories, which highlights our duties and obligations towards those who have sacrificed a great deal to raise and educate us. The author, Abdul Malik Mujahid provides a vast variety of stories and accounts from the lives of the Sahaba and the Salafas well as individuals of our day and time, reflecting role models of obedience. Each story incites the reader to ponder over the extremely elevated status of parents in Islam, and motivates him to improve his treatment towards them, for they are his middle gate to Jannah. The book also sheds light on some of the golden ways to please our parents and explains the countless rewards awaiting those dutiful children in this life and in the Hereafter.The author also presents the flip-side of the coin with descriptive accounts of unfortunate, defiant adults who cause harm to their parents and consequently pay the price for their disobedience in this life. Such true stories shock the reader and call him to reflect upon his own actions.He also touches upon our responsibilities towards our grandparents, close relatives and our elders- essential values lost in today’s self-centered society.

This hardcover book is loaded with enhancing pictures, attractive colors and key quotes, making the book all-the-more heartwarming and inspirational. Captivating to young hearts and minds, this is a “must-have” for every teen and adult. Believe me, it’s one book that you won’t put down till you’ve read it from cover to cover. 🙂

Residents in KSA may purchase “Loving Our Parents” from any Darussalam bookstore or Dawah Corner Bookstore (Makkah Hilton Mall or Clock Tower Mall in the Haram), as well as some of the mini bookstores in front of the Haram. Price: SR70 apprx.

~The Sahara Bloggers  (Niqabinja)

May Allah make us obedient to our parents, the comfort of their eyes in this life, and the raisers of their status in the Hereafter. 


One thought on “Loving Our Parents – Book Review 2

  1. As salam alaikum, I look forward to each of your new posts. It is exciting to follow you in your quest for knowledge. I agree this book is worth reading.

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