“Were you not ashamed of disobeying Me?”

It is reported that Imam Ahmad was once in a gathering and his student asked him, “O Abu Abdullah! What do you think of poetry which mentions Heaven and Hell?” Imam Ahmad said, “Like what?” His student recited some verses of poetry to him. Imam Ahmed rahimahullah was so deeply affected that he left the gathering and entered his house. His companions could here him reciting the first verse over and over again; sobbing painfully as though his soul was being taken away…

إذا ما قال لي ربي أما استحييت تعصينـي
وتخفي الذنب عن خلقي وبالعصيان تأتيني 
فكيف أجيب يا ويحي ومن ذا سوف يحميني
أسلي النفس بالآمال من حين إلـى حيـن 
وأنسى ما وراء الموت ماذا بعـد تكفينـي
كأني قد ضمنت العيش ليس الموت يأتينـي 


وجاءت سكرة الموت الشديدة من سيحميني
نظرت إلى الوجوه أليس منهم من سيفديني 
سأُسأل ما الذى قدمت فى دنيـاي ينجينـي
فكيف إجابتي من بعد ما فرطت فى دينـي

ويا ويحي ألم أسمـع كـلام الله يدعونـي
ألم أسمع لما قد جاء فـى قـاف و ياسيـن 
ألم أسمع بيوم الحشر يوم الجمـع والديـن
ألم أسمع منادي الموت يدعونـي ينادينـي 


فيا ربـاه عبـد تائـب مـن ذا سيؤينـي
سوى رب غفـور واسـع للحـق يهدينـي 
أتيت إليك فارحمني وثقـل في موازينـي
وخفف فى جزائي أنت أرجى من يجازيني

I tried to translate it from Arabic as best as I could; any corrections would be much appreciated:

If my Lord asks me, “Were you not ashamed to disobey Me?

You hide sins from My creation, and with sins you come to Me.”

So how will I answer, woe to me! And who will protect me?

I keep stalling my soul with hope, from time to time,

And forget what comes after death, and what comes after I am shrouded

As though I have guaranteed life for myself, and death will never overtake me!

And when the severe stupor of death comes, who will protect me?

I look at all the faces, isn’t there one who can ransom me?

I will be asked about what I  prepared in my life that will save me, 

How will I answer after I have neglected my religion?

Woe to me! Did I not hear the speech of Allah inviting me?

Did I not hear of what came in Qaaf and Yaseen?

Did I not hear of the Day of Gathering, Assembling, the Day of Judgement?

Did I not hear the caller of death, calling me, inviting me?

O my Lord, -a repentant slave- who shall shelter me

Except a Lord of vast forgiveness- to the truth He shall guide me

I have come to you, so forgive me, and make heavy my scales

And lighten my account, You are the best of those who bring to account.

“The groaning of the sinners is more beloved to Allah than the tasbeeh of the conceited.” Ibn Al-Qayyim rahimahullah

– The Sahara Bloggers (Umm Saifullah)


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