Linking Hearts Under the Shade


The Institute of Arabic Language for Non-native Speakers

Here we are for the first time, giving you a unique insight into our world at Umm Al-Qura university in Makkah. Pay attention ’cause this is EXCLUSIVE!

In our department of the Arabic Language Institute for non native speakers, we go through a two year diploma program consisting of four levels. To cut it short, one of our twelve courses is a course loved by all students, Maharat (مهارات).

Polishing language skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening, (مهارة اللغة) we are required to organize activities and pull together events which spark our creativity. So basically, we have semesters full of buzzing exhibits, games, PowerPoint presentations, Q/A sessions and much more- all under the Ustadha’s supervision. It gets all the students together in a less formal, relaxed, yet still productive environment. Another plus point is that we get to interact with our ustadhaat-teachers that can’t be called just teachers, rather, mothers, role models and influential personalities that are simply UNforgettable. (You’ll never understand the truth behind these words.)

Back to the point, we had one of these events last week. The theme was ‘Love for the Sake of Allah’ prepared by the graduating class of level four under supervision of Ustadha B. (one of our favorite ustadhaat). We were all looking forward to it and decided to wear red, just for the effect.


The students had already hinted at the surprises in store for us by placing a box that looks like this:


Basically, the little note cards were for students to write a message to the one they love from the students or teachers. It is from the Sunnah of RasulAllah sallallahu ‘alayhi wa salam to tell your brothers/sisters in Islam that you love them for the sake of Allah.

(إذا أحب أحدكم أخاه في الله فليعلمه)

“When a man loves his brother (for Allah sake) let him tell him that he loves him.”

The wisdom behind this beautiful, UNIQUE, and oft-forgotten teaching is that it promotes brotherhood, mutual affection and cooperation that is rare to find even between blood-relations!

Definition of Love for the Sake of Allah

So after a week of meticulous planning and brainstorming and printing and cutting and gluing and coloring, everything was FINALLY red and ready. It was a Wednesday (T.G.I.W.) and we were all huddled together in the lounge, watching the hustle and bustle of students connecting wires, adjusting PPT settings and hushing the crowd.

After a brief introduction by Ustadha B., the students gave a detailed presentation about the beauty of love for the sake of Allah and its rewards, covering also the different types of love and its importance. It was a presentation that pulled at the heart strings and caused tears to trickle down cheeks of teachers and students alike, creating a hushed and tranquil atmosphere.


Soon to change…

Suddenly, one of the students brought out a soft heart-shaped cushion, and said, “The student who catches this pillow will have to come up and tell us about someone she loves!” She turned around, closed her eyes, and threw!

There was an ustadha sitting between the students, and she caught it! Everybody cheered as she walked up to the microphone and started her speech by praising Allah and thanking Him for the unlimited blessings, making beautiful additions to the presentation with heartfelt messages.

It doesn’t end there! The presenters pulled out a perfumed rose, and asked her to give it to one of her favorite students! Oh, the anticipation! The students were literally at the edge of their seats: Who would receive such an honor?!

After giving an unbelievably long description of this student, she called out her name, causing the crowd to cheer “MashaAllah TabarakAllah” as the student walked up to receive lots of kisses from teachers and the perfumed rose, beaming with happiness. (She loves the ustadha too.)

photo (1)
From one Sahara Blogger to the other ❤

Then came time for the box of notes to be opened! Sadly, they weren’t able to read out every single note so they hung them up on the bulletin board to be claimed by the recipient. There were so many!

The artsy stuff and notes

The presentation was beautifully ended by a dua to include us all in the hadith:

: قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه و سلم

.إن الله تعالى يقول يوم القيامة: أين المتحابون بجلالي؟ اليوم أظلهم في ظلي يوم لا ظل إلا ظلي

Abu Hurairah radhiAllahu ‘anh reported: the Messenger of Allah sallallaahu ’alayhi wa sallam said, “On the Day of Resurrection, Allah will say: “Where are those who have mutual love for the sake of My Glory? Today I shall shelter them in My Shade when there will be no shade except My shade.”

Only one who has tasted the sweetness of love for Allah’s sake can truly understand the sincerity of those words and tears; of those days spent in remembrance of Allah with someone who reminds you to be conscious of Him. It is a love that connects the hearts of the makhlooq for the Khaliq’s sake, and there can be nothing more beautiful and purer than that.

Hand it to our Level 4 seniors for pulling together such a touching event! Our heartfelt thanks to all of you.

– The Sahara Bloggers ❤

Photo credits: Ustadha B.
( نشكرك يا أستاذة و نحبك في الله)


7 thoughts on “Linking Hearts Under the Shade

  1. yea, u were right sahara bloggers… this did make me feel special 🙂 jazkallah khair for including us in ur blog, we feel honored 🙂

  2. ‘MashaAllah Tabarakallah..Tnx! weird.. as if u are there(Z) ..Jazakillahu khair Saharah bloggers…Our hardwork really worth it! Alhamdulillah you all like it because of it we were included in your blog ;)..I feel grateful! next tym jst tell the frst name of the prson u are refering to..;) right (S)???

    • Lol I may not have been there but my heart was with you guys:) thanks for your encouragement!

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